Alright everyone. I read Chapter 481 yesterday morning, and Neinhart has brought back more of Erza'a foes. Ikaruga of Trinity Raven from the Tower of Heaven arc being among them. When the Tower of Heaven was succumb in an explosion in the manga, the trio were assumed to have died in its radius, with Ikaruga's death recently confirmed. However, in the anime they were seen escaping on Fukuro's jet pack after the denotation occurred. So, I was thinking. When the next anime adapts this chapter, how will it be done? Will they cut her out and have Erza just fight Azuma and Kyoka? Will they say that she died during the past 8 years? Will they have her be a member of Neinhart Squad, serving directly under Neinhart (like what Marin Hollow is to Brandish μ)? Or will they just ignore the anime-original stuff from the two previous series?

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