I was just thinking. I read one of the comments to a review on Chapter 481. One mentioned the possibility of Hiro splitting the Alvarez Empire arc into two parts, like he did with the Grand Magic Games arc with the To Be Continued! page, with two intermission chapters in between. When it was adapted in the anime, the first series ended on that same note and we had to wait precisely one year plus one month for the sequel series. Which bring me to the question of topic: If the same thing happened in the current arc, will the next anime series end the same way? With the second half of the current arc being adapted into a forth anime series? Or if the arc really is the final battle, then the second half wouldn't be enough for a forth anime series. So would a third anime movie be possible? That'd be interesting. If they did, some good titles would be Fairy Tail: Ragnarok or Fairy Tail: The E.N.D.

Tell me what you guys think. The link bellow is to the comments I was talking about, incase you have trouble finding it.

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