The "final battle" is just around the corner. I've been contemplating ways how Fairy Tail would end, if it is the final battle.

Currently, there have been 477 chapters since the manga debated. I don't know about you guys but I think Chapter 500 could be the ENDing point. It has been 10 years since the manga debated (or will be when August comes). The anime debated in 2009, so considering how close it is to where the manga is, I assume it's ending would be a lot sooner then 2019.

When the anime does reach that point, I would hope that the outro to the final episode would reuse the song "Snow Fairy" (the one that started it all) and be something like "Boys Be Ambitious!!" with all the previous arcs, only it'd go like this: the "Zerø" arc, the "Macao" arc, the "Lullaby" arc, the "Galuna Island" arc, the "Phantom Lord" arc, the "Tower of Heaven" arc, the "Battle of Fairy Tail" arc, the "Oración Seis" arc, the "Edolas" arc, the "Tenrou Island" arc, the "Grand Magic Games" arc, the "Sun Village" arc, the "Tartaros" arc, the "Avatar" arc, and finish with Lucy drawing "Alvarez Empire".

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