Hey, everyone. Had another thought that popped in my head. Larcade's magic is somewhat similar to Acnologia's. SPOILER AlERT! Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Magic, according to Grandeeney, has the ability to extract Dragon Souls and, I assume the same goes for, the souls of other living beings. Larcade's magic, as displayed, can lift or "remove" the white souls out of ones' body. And according to Zeref, who called him his "secret weapon", he has the potential to defeat Acnologia. So, I'm starting to get an idea of what his magic is. You all remember when Natsu fought Zancrow. Flame God Slayer Magic trumps Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Together (via the epic Dragon God's Brilliant Flame), is a killer. We don't know what the names of Larcade and Acno's magics are. Acno's probably either Death Dragon Slayer Magic or Soul Dragon Slayer Magic. SDSM sounds cooler to me than DDSM. And we know how more superior God Slayer Magic is compared to Dragon Slayer Magic. Also, I read a theory online from the YouTuber UnderratedMage that Larcade's magic is the God Slayer counterpart of Acnologia's. But the souls of Larcade's victims were white, not black. So, another possibility, especially if my theory of Acnologia being a human-Etherious-Dragon hybrid, which I think would be interesting, turns out to be correct, is Devil Slayer Magic. Larcade could be an Exorcist Mage. It'd be a trump for Acnologia because they'd eat each others element, and if Acno is the hybrid I predict, then Larcade's magic could injure Acno. But the possibility of Larcade being a Death/Soul Devil Slayer in slim, seeing Zeref already has a Devil Slayer on his team (if Bradman or Bloodman or Whatever-the-f**k-his-name-is-man, whatever the f**k he is, counts as a Devil Slayer). But if Larcade is a God Slayer, then another role he could play in Zeref's plan could have something to do with the God of Life and Death himself. Zeref could be planing to summon Ankhseram to the battle and using Larcade to slay him as a means to break the curse. Then there's the fact that Larcade's a Dragneel. I originally thought Larcade was the son of Zeref but that'd be impossible considering his curse, and he talks about him more like a pawn than family. So, I'm guessing they're not closely related. There are theories that he's from the past or future. In connection to the future one, UnderratedMage talked about the possibility he's the future son of Natsu, which would make him a human-Etherious hybrid. His hair's white, so whether his mother would be Lucy or Lisanna would remain a question.

My thoughts anyway. What are your thoughts? If you think I'm high, keep that to yourself please and thank you. Also, is it Bradman or Bloodman? Since his introduction, the manga and the wiki said his name was Bradman but now the wiki's saying it's Bloodman.

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