Am I the only one who noticed the Jellal and the Crime Sorcière were absent from of the major battles concerning Zeref.

  • In the Key to the Starry Skys arc, Crime Sorcière weren't present to help Fairy Tail fight Reborn Oración Seis, the Dark Guild created from the ashes of the one that formed a third of the Balam Alliance.
  • In the Tartaros arc, Crime Sorcière were absent from the fight with Tartaros. In the anime, Jellal and Meredy were on their way to Tartaros before RustyRose stopped them.
  • In the Avatar arc, where were Crime Sorcière during Operation Purification?

Now, we're in the Alvarez Empire arc, which could possibly the final story arc. Will we see Jellal and his Guild mates participating in the final battle between Dragons, immortals, and mankind? Angel was there, so are they aware that Zeref is Emperor Spriggan?

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