I wanted to take this time to predict what I think the current/upcoming battles should go.

  • Gajeel & Levy vs Bradman: I hope Gajeel enters Iron Shadow Dragon Mode to combat Bradman. He hasn't done that since his fight with Torafuzar. I wasn't expecting Levy to join the fight. Now that she is, there's the possibility Gajeel will enter Dragon Force this time. Natsu and Wendy each had a big solo fight in which they defeated a powerful foe using the final form of the Dragon Slayer. Since joining Fairy Tail, Gajeel had 5 solo fights. None of which he had an opportunity to consume Ethernano. Obviously, he can't enter Dragon Force by eating Bradman's Magical Barrier Particles because they're "anti-Ethernano". In fact, I think the only one who can eat MBP without dying is Cobra/Erik, who can eat anything poison. Since Tartaros, said Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers reached the point where they don't need Ethernano to enter Dragon Force. I'm hoping the next anime series has a filler arc in which (like Neo Phantom Lord) Gajeel enters Dragon Force. But maybe, his fight with one of the 12 Shields is that opportunity. The crucifixion of Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus brought back Gajeel's painful memories of crucifying Levy, Jet, and Droy. If Levy got injured, or even killed (I'm hoping not), Gajeel will loose his shit and that should trigger a rage-mode Dragon Force. With Erik and his friends arriving to help Gajeel's team, I think Erik will assist Gajeel and Levy. Hell, I'll laugh my ass off if he eats Bradman alive. Doubtful though. I'm picturing Dragon Force Gajeel going all-out on Bradman, but soon the Grimm Reaper overwhelms Black Steel with MBP, which start taking effect. Bradman laughs menacingly but the MBP starts shrinking along with a slurping sound. They wonder what's going on and when the MBP clears, they see Erik consuming MBP. Erik expresses his joy in finally joining the party and disarms Bradman with his signature breath attack or even a Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (with a cool name like, say, Fester 'n' Fall: Venomous Titan Fang), giving Gajeel the opportunity to defeat Bradman with a Dragon Force spell (like what Crimson Lotus: Phenix Blade is to Exploding Flame Blade. Hidden Iron Form - Karma Demon: BlackIron Devil Sword is the best name I can think of).
  • I think Sabertooth are gonna combat this "Larcade" character. At first, they'd get their asses handed to them, but Angel/Sorano arrive to help and shine a Angel Magic light on Sting, thus feeding him his element and replenishing his strength. I'd love it if my prediction of Kageyama becoming a Crime Sorciere member during the one-year time skip is correct, 'cause then he could come and feed Rogue his shadows. Also, Hiro would bring back another character from one of the earlier arcs, so that's another point. Anyway, second attempt fails and Sting transfers his Magic power to Rogue, who then enters White Shadow Dragon Mode. Rogue, using WSDM, would then defeat Larcade, or at least assist someone else in delivering the final blow.
  • Natsu vs. Irene vs. Acnologia: We all know the Scarlet Despair's planing to combat the Black Dragon. It's been a year since Natsu set his goal of killing Acnologia. I know, right now Natsu's in August's location along side Lucy, Happy, Mest and Brandish. During the negotiation, I think August is going to tell them that Acnologia is in the North. The group realize that's where Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, and Gajeel's team are. Upon hearing this, memories of Igneel's death overwhelms Natsu. He'll loose his shit, enter Dragon Force, ditch the others and go after Acno. Happy goes after him and August reveals Natsu's connection to Zeref to Lucy, Mest and Brandish. I know the North is more than a day's travel away, but the Dragon's flew around the continant in far less time. DF-Natsu could jump at super speed, like how he out matched Jellal's Meteor, to get there. When he dose, he'll meet Irene. I'm guessing whatever the "Third Seal" is, it's some technique Irene will use to maybe freeze Acno. He'll smell Erza's scent on her like he smelt Gray's on Silver. Irene introduces herself and Natsu remembers Brandish said she was the strongest female of the 12 Shields. Natsu asks about her connection to Erza and she refuses to tell him. Upon mentioning Acnologia, they would find out about each other's desire to fight him. Natsu will refuse to let her do so, then Irene preposes a fight. Winner gets to decide the fate of the Dragon King. Natsu agrees on the condition she tells him her connection to Erza. She agrees. They fight. Natsu'll be able to hold his own in Dragon Force for a while but he'll soon reach the zero point of his Magic power and Irene wins. Out of respect for him, she'll reveal her connection to Erza. Acno arrives, Irene prepares for combat, but Zeref, disappointed in Irene, opens the book of E.N.D., releasing E.N.D.'s soul as a backup plan, Natsu becomes E.N.D. and E.N.D. burns Irene to death and scares Acnologia away, leaving Gajeel's team to deal with E.N.D. As for August, I think Gildarts will fight him.

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