Cover 474
The latest chapter was a surprise. According to chapter 474's cover page, Acnologia is close to Laxus and Wendy's location. The Crime Sorciere has finally arrived to help, which means Cobra/Erik is here as well. If Wendy unlocked her third origin, Acnologia probably would've walked right past her. But Sherria unlocked her's instead, which means Wendy's fair game as far as Acno's concerned. Laxus, before he fought Wahl Icht, said he'd give his life for the guild. Is that a possible foreshadowing? If so, he should suffer a hero's death, saving his friends. Here's what I think's gonna happen.

Laxus, worn out from his fight with Wahl Icht, is heading back to join the others. A blue beam suddenly goes through the Lightning Dragon Slayer's shoulder. Laxus collapses. When he looks up, he sees Acnologia walking right past him. He catches the Dragon King's scent and fear shows on his face. As Acnologia walks away, Laxus hears him say, "6 more Dragon Slayers...before there's none left." Laxus then whispers in shock, "Wendy."

After healing Carla, Wendy catches Acno's scent, and before they even have a chance, Acno come from no where and grabs Wendy by the throat. Carla attacks in a failed attempt to save her, while Sherria is too worn out to do anything but watch helplessly. When Wendy finds out Acno's after the Dragon Slayers, she asks him the same question she asked him on Tenrou Island, "Why us? Why are you doing this?" This time Acno answers, "Because... there's no room... in this world... for the weak." Sherria and Carla scream Wendy's name, and before Wendy can die of suffocation, Acno drops her after Laxus, surrounded by lightning, jumps on his back, punching him multiple times with Lightning Dragon's Iron Fist. He blinds him with Lightning Dragon's Grip Strike, screaming for the girls to run. Carla carries Sherria and, agianst her protests, Wendy back to the guildhall. Acno elbows Laxus in the stomach, fips onto his back, back onto his feet, then grabs Laxus by the back of his neck and hurls him on the ground in front, vowing to kill him for what he did but admits he would've done it either way. He continues to beat Laxus until he's lifeless on the ground. Acnologia then pursues the girls but Laxus stands back up and tells Acno not to turn his back on him, attacking him with his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Roaring Thunder. Acno clutches his fist in anger, turns, growls, and rams his "Dragon's Iron Fist" into Laxus' chest, stopping his heart. Laxus collapses on the ground and Acno continues his pursuit. Lexus sees the ghost of Yuri standing above him, smiling, before his eyes close. A mysterious figure, later revealed to be Racer/Sawyer, carries Laxus' body back to the guildhall. Carla, carrying Wendy and Sherria, uses Max Speed to fly faster but Acno jumps at incredible speed (like how Natsu caught up to Jellal's Meteor), catches up with the girls and swats them. The girls tumble along the ground. Wendy tries to stand and Acno lands right in front of her. Before he can strike her, Sherria stands in front of Acno and tells him he has to go through her first. She then starts talking about the power of love, but in the middle of her speech, Acno smacks her in the face, sending her flying into a wall, knocking her unconscious, telling her she doesn't even know the meaning of the word. Wendy gets angry and enters Dragon Force. She attacks but Acno easily over powers her. Wendy reaches the zero point of her magic power and Acno prepares to kill her. Before he can do so, a Poison Dragon's Roar comes from nowhere and hits Acno, who takes no damage, directly. The attack came from Erik, who volunteers to hold off the Dragon King while the girls escape. Erik's hearing helps him avoid Acno's attacks.

Natsu wakes up, cheering up Lucy and Happy. Natsu asks what happened. Before anyone can answer, Sawyer arrives at the guildhall with Laxus in his arms, to Makarov's dismay. Natsu uses his flames to preform cauterization on Laxus' shoulder and uses Lightning Flame Dragon Mode to defibrillate him, with success. Laxus remains unconscious. Natsu smells Acno's scent all over him. He realizes what happened and after revealing why he left, runs angry out into town, screaming to Acno that he's coming for him.

The girls return and inform everyone of what happened. Kianna overhears this and Cubellious' mind starts breaking from her subconscious. The magic Kianna learned would be revealed to be Take Over (my wishful thinking), which would merge Cubellious' mind with Kianna's and allow Kianna to take the form of Cubellious while still maintaining her humanity.

Erik hears Cubellious' thoughts and Acno takes advantage of the distracted Erik and grabs him by the throat. He beats him to a pulp and before he can kill him, Kianna, in Cubellious form, flies in and saves him, carrying him in her mouth, dodging Acno's breath attack. Acnologia then catches a whiff of a Dragon's scent similar to that of the "Fire Dragon King". His eyes turn red and he storms off toward town.

Kianna returns to the guildhall with Erik. He coughs up blood and says "Natsu...trouble", before fainting. Those words of which shock Lucy.

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