I realize my anime original arc idea taking place between the Avatar arc and the Alvarez Empire arc was flawed. I made a few edits. I gave it a name too. Hope you like it this time.


The reunited Fairy Tail celebrate their victory against Avatar (referencing the cover page of the latest chapter, "Until the Battle is Done"). Team Natsu is overlooking the blueprints to the new guildhall. Gajeel, after realizing that Natsu, Wendy, Sting and Rogue all entered Dragon Force naturally, is envious and troubled that he's the only Dragon-trained Dragon Slayer who hasn't entered Dragon Force. Erza points out that almost none of the townspeople seem to accept Fairy Tail's return seeing they got sick of them after the Tartaros war. Just as they were thinking of a way to earn back their respect, Phantom Lord member Sue shows up, to Gajeel and Juvia's shock, pleading for help. According to her, Jose Porla, who recovered from his fight with Makarov 8 years ago, is reforming Phantom Lord with new members and old ones (most with new and improved powers and abilities), with a plan to overthrow the newly formed Magic Council, using a Transformation wizard disguised as Makarov to trick the four Wizard Saints into blackmail, and a "secret weapon". When asked how she knows this, Sue reveals she's a member. She rejoined because of money problems. In fact, she's in debt. Some of the new members include former Eisenwald member Kageyama (who is now bald and later reveals himself to be working undercover for Crime Sorcière). Boze is also a member. Sue reveals that during the Fantasia parade, Boze and Sue saw Gajeel talking to Makarov and noticed the FT tattoo on his elbow. Boze felt betrayed, abandoned and pissed at Gajeel and stormed off. Sue hasn't seen or heard from him again until the Grand Magic Games incident (a year ago). That's when he invited her to join the "Neo Phantom Lord", saying he had a "surprise" for Gajeel. When she found out Fairy Tail came back, she realized only they can beat them. Team Natsu is unsure whether to trust her or not until Cobra/Erik arrives and confirms Sue's telling the truth after hearing her thoughts and heartbeat. At first, everyone but Natsu and Erza is hostel toward Cobra, who says he now goes by "Erik". Natsu reminds them that Erik helped fight against the Dragons during the Eclipse incedent and Erza adds he's a member of Crime Sorcière, to everyone's surprise as well as Natsu's. Erik further adds that the rest of the Oración Seis became members, to Carla's disgust. Erik explains that Jellal has been monitoring Jose's movements for the past 8 years and a contact is currently working undercover as one of the Phantom members. FT then agrees to help defeat NPL.


  • Focus mostly on Gajeel and Juvia
  • Gajeel's past with Metalicana; when he first joined Phantom Lord as a child and met Juvia, Boze and Sue
  • A little about Juvia's past; when she met the rest of the Element 4
  • Gajeel entres Dragon Force
  • Juvia gets kidnaped by Aria to help power the "secret weapon" along side the other Element 4
  • Natsu fights and defeats Aria: At first, Natsu fails to recognize Aria just like Bluenote. Natsu punches his way through Aria's Airspace Wall, striking him in the face, and sends him flying into the wall. When Aria uses Zero, Natsu defeats him by entering Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and using Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade. Aria asks Natsu how he did that and Natsu says that there's always someone stronger. Happy points out that was the same thing Aria said to him the last time they fought and the two start arguing whether it was karma or a cruel irony.
  • Sue is infatuated by Panther Lily's default form like Gray was with Frosch, but she still thinks Happy's a red dog
  • Flashbacks from the Lullaby, Phantom Lord, Battle of Fairy Tail, Oración Seis, Key to the Starry Skys, and Grand Magic Games arcs
  • A fight between Jellal and Jose; the later refers to the former as Siegrain or otherwise "Fraud-nandes"
  • Macao and Romeo team-up against Totomaru
  • Erza finds out from Erik, after hearing Natsu's thoughts, that Gray killed Frosch in the alternate timeline
  • Sound Wall, Sound Palm and Zetsu have no effect on Natsu
  • Erik suffers from motion sickness
  • Erik, Wendy and Carla team-up against a "thoughtless" NPL member
  • Wendy eats Aria'a Airspace Magic and uses a one-time move like Dragon God's Brilliant Flame and Steel Dragon's Sword, called Airspace Dragon's Wave Wind
  • Wendy eats Erik's poison and entres Poison Sky Dragon Mode, which she uses to defeat the thoughtless Mage
  • Gajeel entres Iron Shadow Dragon Mode twice:
    • The first is when he fights Kageyama. When that happens, Gajeel would say, "The shadows betray you... because they belong to me. And they're going to arrest you... before I do." When Gajeel's about to kill him, Erik intervenes, saying Kage is the undercover spy.
    • The second is when Gajeel, Sue and Lily team-up against Boze. Boze, at first, has the upper hand, using Sound Wall and Sound Palm but when he uses Howling, Sue reflects it back with Form Mirror, giving Lily the chance to use his sword. Bose blocks with his arms and, to Lily's surprise, it shatters. With Iron Dragon scales and claws on him arms and fingers, Boze says, "You're not the only Iron Dragon up in this club, Black Steel." When the three express their shock that Boze is a Dragon Slayer, Boze replies, "Surprise!" Boze explains that he had an Iron Dragon Lacrima implanted in him and has been waiting years to show Gajeel his new power. The two then start fighting, blasting and eating each others breath attacks, back and forth, to Sue and Lily's boredom to the lack of excitement. When Boze says, "I'm done being your shadow', Gajeel replies, "Good idea. I'll be yours", before entering Iron Shadow Dragon Mode and defeating him.
  • Erza, Gray and Lucy team-up against Makarov's "Imposter", an S-Class Mage who can use Transformation Magic and Clone Magic. Lucy would fight him using Star Dress: Gemini Form.
  • Kianna, Lisanna and Juvia team-up against Sol
  • Natsu and Gajeel team-up against Jose: At the beginning, Natsu fights him alone while Gajeel is fighting Boze. Natsu attacks Jose with Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist but because of Jose's great agility and speed, he can't hit him. Jose expresses his disappointment in what Erza said. When Natsu asked what he was talking about, Jose told him that Erza said that he was stronger than her. Natsu is surprised she said that and before Jose can kill him, Gajeel saves him. The two Dragon Slayers make their best efforts but the former Wizard Saint quickly over takes them. Jose uses Dead Wave and Natsu punches Gajeel out of the way before getting hit. Natsu's out cold and Gajeel, out of anger, enters Dragon Force and thus, gains the upper hand. He overwhelms Jose with several blows. He easily matches Jose's speed and sacks him in the stomach. Natsu wakes up to see Gajeel wound Jose with a Dragon Force version of his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Karma Demon: Iron God Sword, called Karma Demon: BlackIron Devil Sword. But after Gajeel reaches the zero point of his Magic Power, Jose tortures him with Shade Entangle, making it clear he's not Jellal and that, unlike a fraud, he can't be beaten that easily. Natsu takes advantage of Jose's focus on Gajeel and defeats him with Fire Dragon King's Roar.


  • Natsu and Gajeel argue over who defeated Jose
  • FT discovers that the "secret weapon" is a rebuilt Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter (which they later use in the Alvarez Empire arc)
  • A conversation between Gajeel and Jose about how much the former changed. Jose asks why Gajeel would defend the old fools from the Council, and Gajeel answers "One of those old fools is the only reason I stayed out of jail." When Gajeel says "Fairy Tail's my family. They're all I have", Jose replies, "So was I." Jose continues telling Gajeel he was like a father to him and Gajeel responds, "Metalicana was my father. I oughta arrest you for thinking you ever were."
  • Natsu asks Jose if he knows where Makarov is and the later confesses he doesn't
  • A conversation between Erik and Kianna, picking up where they left off
  • A conversation between Levy and Sue, which ends with Sue requesting Levy keeping Gajeel out of trouble and Levy replies that she's trying her best.
  • Team Natsu and Kageyama give each other a friendly greeting after 8 years. Happy comments on Kageyama's baldness but Kageyama changes the subject.
  • Gajeel tells Boze and Sue, after they decline his offer to join Fairy Tail, what Belno told him, and then proceeds with telling them the three rules of leaving Fairy Tail (the last one makes them cry). Juvia does the same for her fellow Element 4 (Aria's the only one who doesn't cry, finding a happy feeling for once)
  • Erik apologizes to Natsu about what he said back at Nirvana, about the Dragons being extinct. "They deserved more respect then that. Especially after..." Erik doesn't finish. He instead clears his throat and asks Natsu how he's "holding up", in which Natsu answers pretty well, explaining what the will to live is. Just as Erik walks away, he turns, smiles and tells Natsu, "Make that asshole pay for what he did to your dragon." Natsu smiles and nods.
  • Later, on the road back, Erik asks Jellal if he should've "told Natsu" (this scene would depend on weather CS knows Natsu's E.N.D.).

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