Greetings, everyone! First of all, SPOILER ALERT! If you're not caught up in the manga or are anime-only, I advise you to stop reading. Second, wow! Nothing happened regarding Acnologia. We won't be seeing a rematch between him and Gildarts until the later's fight with August is over. I love how August compared Gildart's bond with Cana to the one Zeref has with Larcade. Speaking of, Mavis is heading there now. We'll obviously see a reunion between father, mother and son. She told Lucy, Gray and Happy to leave the guildhall, but she's letting Natsu continue his fight with Zeref. $5 says she's planning to give Fairy Heart to Natsu so he can use it as a substitute for Igneel's power in Fire Dragon King Mode. Also, Natsu's still fighting Zeref. Either he's unaware that the immense magic power he felt in the last chapter was from the Dragon King, or, and this one's more likely, he's not hell bound on revenge. Yes, he wants to avenge Igneel but I think he's more focused on saving his friends. Unless he sees Acnologia attacking his friends, he won't go rage mode natural Dragon Force. If what predicted does happen, Mavis will arrive at the guildhall to find Zeref and a lifeless Larcade. Suddenly, she gets struck by Irene's Historia, with Neinhart standing in the doorway. Irene then starts extracting Fairy Heart from Mavis. Larcade, still alive, intervenes by using his magic on Neinhart until Zeref strikes him with his magic. So then it'd be Mavis and Larcade vs. Zeref, Irene (Historia) and Neinhart. I think that scenario doesn't need Natsu's involvement. I don't know about you lot, but I'd rather see Natsu vs. Acnologia than Natsu vs. Zeref. We've already seen the two brothers fight. Now it's Acno's turn to fight the Salamander. That needs to happen WAY before the final chapter.

Picking up where we left off in my last blog, Acnologia, 10 feet away, holds an angry stare at Natsu, who is in shock and disbelief. Acno removes his hand from his damaged eye and starts stomping toward Natsu, who, in a panic, throws a Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame at Acno. He emerges from the smoke unharmed, now 5 feet away from Natsu, who then starts rapidly throwing fireballs at the Dragon King, creating a huge cloud of smoke. Erza emerges from the ruble and sees this. The smoke cloud is now directly in front of Natsu, who throws 10 more fireballs before stopping, and Acno, now less than 1 foot away from him, emerges. Natsu grunts in shock before getting punched in the face and sent flying to the ground another 10 feet away. Erza then throws her De-Malevo-Lance at Acno, who hurls it back at her with a boost from his Dragon's Kick. She tries catching it and but gets knocked to the ground. She screams and gasps in pain and, as she leans up, reveals the steel blade part of the lance went through her hand. Natsu sees this and angrily jumps at Acno to land a punch him with his right arm but gets blocked by an arm-like object underneath his cloak (the mysterious, shadow-like substance extending from where his left arm used to be), stunning Natsu. Acno then kicks Natsu in the face, sending him flying back through several houses. Acno turns his attention back to Erza, who struggles to pull the lance blade out of her hand. Acno grabs Erza by the hair, pulling her up to her feet as she screams in pain. Acne's about to reveal the arm-like thing under his cloak and strike her with it but gets kicked in the side of the head by a Dragon-Force Wendy. He lets go of Erza's hair and grabs Wendy by the leg and swings her into Erza, knocking them to the ground. He stomps on Erza's back and tries grabbing her hair again but gets punched in his damaged eye by Natsu's fist. He gets pushed back and next thing we hear is:

Erza: Natsu-?

Natsu: Run, run!

Acnologia (charging at them): Upstart Pyro Bitch!

Natsu blocks Acno's punch but is pushed into Erza, sending them both flying. Wendy calls out, "Natsu! Erza-!" before Acno grabs her by the mouth and asks her if she knows what death tastes like. The markings on his arm glow Etherion-type blue as Wendy makes muffled screams, trying to break free. Natsu then bits that arm, forcing Acno to let go of Wendy. Acno back hands Natsu, knocking him to the ground some distance, and Erza engages only to be cut in the leg by Acno's Dragon's Claw. He then sacks her in the stomach twice before kneeing her the face repeatedly, cackling at the same time, and expressing his disappointment in missing his opportunity to kill Irene but then notes killing her daughter is the second best thing. Wendy attempts intervening but Acno grabs her by the hair and, before he can slam the girls' heads together, Natsu lands a Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist into his stomach, making him drop the girls and get pushed back 3 feet, stunning him. As Acno stares at Natsu and sees Igneel, he says, "I actually felt that." Natsu tells Acno he has't seen anything yet. Erza tries talking Natsu out of engaging the Dragon King, but the Salamander insists on fighting saying with a tear sliding down his cheek and his hand holding on to his scarf, "I have to do this. It has to be me." Erza and Wendy give depressed, concerned, understanding looks. Natsu then turns his attention back to Acnologia and promises to make him pay, after which, the Dragon King clarifies, "I said I felt it. I didn't say it was painful."

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