Hello, everyone! Feels great to be back. I've been reading the chapters throughout my summer vacation, praying the manga wouldn't be ending soon. I'm glad it didn't, 'cause I still get to post predictions for upcoming chapters, which I enjoy doing. But I'm trying this new thing where I'm not that much of an obnoxious a**hat. So, a SPOILER ALERT (for those not caught up) is in order.

Dimaria's demise may come. In my earlier posts, I predicted Natsu would kill Irene. That didn't happen. My hopes were, and still are, that when E.N.D. awakens, he'd kill one of the 12, like Zancrow's death scene in the Tenrou Island arc. My money was on either Irene, August, or Ajeel (the last one is because of the "Is that all you got?" encounters he and Natsu had, and it would support what Zeref said about mercy being Fairy Tail's weakness), but now, it looks like the God Soul Take Over Mage will take the fall at the hands of the Flame Etherious. Before last week's chapter, I thought Natsu would solo Dimaria. Here's what I was thinking before:

Brandish shrinks Natsu's tumour back to molecule size so he'd be able to fight. He punches Dimaria in the cheek, with her making the same face she made when Wendy kicked her in the face. Then Neinhart, still conscious, brings back Zancrow, who, if you think about it, is one of Natsu's Historias. Zancrow fights Natsu while Dimaria turns her attention back to Lucy. Natsu defeats Zancrow and Dimaria, annoyed beyond breaking point, enters God Soul. Natsu, revealing he ate Zancrow's divine flames, would either defeat her with the epic Dragon God's Brilliant Flame, or even enter some kinda Fire Dragon God Mode, which would lead to an epic fist fight between the two and have Natsu defeat her with a new Dragon God spell like, say, Dragon God's Crimson Breath.

Here's what I'm thinking now:

Previously, Dimaria had Lucy and Natsu tied up and torturing them, holding a blade to Natsu's neck. Porlyusica revealed that Natsu's tumour wasn't anti-Ethernano but something far worse. Could it be some kind of prison containing E.N.D.'s soul? If so, then I'd like to see E.N.D. awaken right there right now kill burn that B.I.T. to death. I pictured something graphic like Lust's death scene in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Lucy would be too scared sh**less to move. E.N.D., afterwards turns his attention to Lucy and before he can kill her, the rest of Fairy Tail would arrive.

My thoughts anyway. What do you guys think?

Also, can anyone settle this for me? is it pronounced "E. N. D." or like the word "end"?

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