Hey, everyone. Me, again. There's something else I was wondering about. What happened to the Dragon Slayers' Duel-Element Dragon Modes? Ever since their fights with Mard Geer and Torafuzar, Natsu and Gajeel haven't been using them. Gajeel could've used Iron Shadow Dragon Mode against Bradman. And why didn't Natsu use Lightning Flame Dragon Mode to counter God Serena's Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic? Will Wendy get one of her own? 'Cause I think Poison Sky Dragon Mode would be perfect. Can 2nd Gen Dragon Slayers get Duel-Element Modes? If so, I'd like to see Laxus get Red Lightning Dragon Mode. Will Rogue obtain White Shadow Dragon Mode like his future counterpart? Natsu's becoming E.N.D. Perhaps my prediction of him obtaining Etherious Inferno Dragon Mode will happen. He'll need something to defeat Acnologia.

My thoughts anyway. I'm to see Natsu's or Gajeel's Duel-Element Dragon Modes again. What are your thoughts?

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