I've been thinking. The anime had Wendy cameo in episodes before her actual debut in the manga. We saw the Oracion Seis members new looks/abilities before their appearances in the manga versions of the Grand Magic Games and Tartaros arcs.

That said, I want to address several elements in the anime that I believe hint(ed) future events in the manga.

  • In the Daphne arc, Natsu witnessed two mini versions of himself fighting. One was evil while the other was good. These would be the driving personalities of E.N.D. and Natsu respectfully. This was before we even found out he was E.N.D. The evil mini-Natsu may as well be E.N.D.'s mind. I've been seeing a lot of parallels between the Daphne arc and the Alvarez Empire arc. I can picture the same thing happening to Natsu when E.N.D. awakens.
  • Rustyrose appeared in the anime Tartaros arc. He had difficulty letting go of the past until he was defeated by the Oracion Seis and offered to join Crime Sorciere. He may have joined during the one year time skip. That would've been perfect for Meredy's fight with Zancrow, 'cause, in a sense, he's also his historia. So, until the latest chapter, I was hoping Rusty would've showed up and helped Merely fight Zancrow. I think Rustyrose will appear in the current manga story arc in a similar look as the Tartaros arc.

George R.R. Martin told Game of Thrones staff writers important storylines to the series in case he died before finishing the next two novels. Could this be the same case with Hiro and the anime guys?

Do any of you feel the same?

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