I've been considering theories about Acnologia's connection to Zeref. Arcadios's theory that the Black Wizard turned the Dragon King into a Dragon is a possibility, considering that Acnologia can change back and forth between both human and dragon forms like an Etherious. It's more like a curse then magic, seeing that he was still in his dragon form when the face bombs detonated.

Here are two other possibly theories of what Acnologia is:

  • The Etherious-human hybrid bastard son of Mard Geer Tartaros. If you look at one of my previous blogs, "H.E.A.T.", you'll notice similarities between Mard Geer's Etherious form and Acnologia's Dragon form. The lines on their bodies, muscle tone, arrowhead chin, ect. Am I the only one who noticed? Yes, Dragonification is defiantly the reason for his "transformation", but his appearance could be something he inherited from his father. Also, the lines on his body are also visible in his human form. There's no way he got those after gaining his transformation ability. It could be a birth defect for being only half Etherious. And being half Etherious could be what gave him the ability to change between both forms like an Etherious. "Ryuuousai" is the Banquet of Dragons, Humans and Demons. It'd make sense and also be symbolic if Acnologia was all three.
  • Zeref's Edolas counterpart. The people of Edolas are connected to their Earth-land counterparts in magic power. Like when Lisanna was absorbed into Edolas after her counterpart died. In Zeref and Acnologia's case, the latter could be depending on the former for two possible things. One is immortality. He could've tried to destroy E.N.D.'s tomb before he's been resurrected because he knew E.N.D. would kill Zeref. If Zeref dies then his source of "Immortal power" would go. Two is life. Lisanna's Edolas counterpart died but Lisanna herself is still alive. I have a theory that an "Earth-lander" can live on even if their "Edolaser" died but if the Earth-lander dies so does the Edolaser. Again, E.N.D. would kill Zeref. If Zeref dies so does he.

What do you guys think?

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