OK, let me start by saying this.."I like Fairy Tail more then I like One Piece" but I am a fan of One Piece. On another blog (One of Many Questions) someone compared the two and basically said that FT had nothing on OP, I disagree. While there have been many flaws in FT OP (& others Bleach, Naruto,) have not been these great manga's either. For me because I read a lot of comics like Batman and all the title that fall under him reading FT is a good change of pace. I love the comedic side of Ft and hope it never gets to serious that we forgot that this manga can make you laugh just as quick as it can entertain. Let me start off with my opinion on what people find wrong with FT and what they love about OP.

Character development.

This has been a big issue with readers when it comes to FT, now while it seems there has been a deep back story with all of OP characters I don't know if they developed any differently then FT. Maybe Usopp & Robin but for the most part they all act the same as before the time skip. Remember during FT's time skip they were asleep so there would be no maturity or change in attitude with them. Jellal, Gray, Erza, & Lucy have good back stories and Natsu's is playing out with every manga. Now if you want Mashima to develop other characters I don't think its gonna happen. This is something OP does with every character on the show. I ask is it really needed? Do we need 5-10 manga's on characters for just one story arc. Could you imagine FT doing that for every dark guild member. We would still be reading the Oración Seis arc. I would love to see more on other FT members but its not a necessity and FT characters are developing just fine. We have seen all of Team Natsu (except Erza & Happy) get stronger in the one year time skip.


OK i cant argue here. FT fights are disappointing compared to OP. I do think OP fights are to long though but when you hype up Jura the way they did in the GMG arc and Laxus takes him out like recycling then yeah there is a problem there. Hell if Jura was a wizard saint and then got beat like that shouldn't Laxus be close to the Four Gods of Ishgar. If not there because of the time skip. He also beat all of Raven Tail where as though some of them was holding back in fights (Black Snake). One Piece has great fights they just last to long.

Overall Story

While we all know what Luffy is after and has a end game story to it FT does not other then the defeat of Zeref and Acnologia. FT would still be FT if Zeref and Acnologia was not there where as Luffy is wants something. He want to be King of the Pirates. I do give the edge to OP in this but not having that end game is not all that important either. Like I said, I read Batman and have been for years and he has no end game. He fights for justice. FT wizard gets paid like they were bounty hunters. That's the story. The only thing that would give FT a good end game is if we find out why Acnologia turned on the Dragons and if there are more Dragon Slayers from that time period. There was more then on that turned on the supportive dragons. Or if Ankhseram was to come.

There are other topics but ill end it there. Look I get it OP has more fans then FT and FT has a lot in inconsistencies in its story but I am still drawn to it more so then I am OP. If i miss a manga of FT I feel like damn i have to read it but if I miss OP i'm like "Oh i'll read it later'. There is something about FT That has it as one of the most popular manga's right now. FOR ME I put it right there with DBZ and Ranma 1/2. Thats right i said Ranam 1/2. I liked that series.

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