Hey Fairy Tail

I want to ask about the the Fairy Tails Teams. The number one team in Fairy Tail is Team Natsu (this is not the official name as I am sure both Gray and Erza would be opposed to it.) They are arguably the strongest team (not including the Grand Master Games teams). I don't know if it's official but Wendy and Carla could be considered apart of team Natsu. I want to make it known that Fairy Tail Team B of the GMG was the best team ever put together under Makarov. He had 3 Fairy Tail S-Class wizards and 2 former Phantom Lord S-Class wizards. There are 1 of 4 official teams in Fairy Tail. Shadow Gear Alzack & Bisca, and The Thunder Tribe (or Legion someone can correct me) are the other two. I would like to see other teams within Fairy Tail. Even though there has not been a story on them there have been small clips of suggesting that both Cana and Juvia going out on jobs. I don't think Gajeel ever goes out on jobs (maybe except to a singing gig) or for that fact Macao and Wakaba. So who do you think would make a good team and what would there name be?

Team Crazy Juvia Cana (Leader) Lisanna Laki

This team is composed of several nutcases. Juvia is a stalker and although Gray likes her She has a room with nothing but Gray toys and pillows in it. Cana is a drunk and to see her sober is like looking at a eclipse. Its very rare. Laki is creepy and I wouldn't sit with her while watching a scary movie. Lisanna would be the voice of reason of the crew. You would always need a person with a calming effect on people. The reason I would make Cana the leader although Juvia is the strongest is because she has shown leadership before and the looks out for her guild mates a little more then the others. Not to mention she would have seniority.

Team Misfit Elfman (Leader) Romeo Max Reedus Warren Vijeeter

Elfman is the strongest of this group and should be the leader because of his field work. He would also help to geom these guys. Romeo has the potential to be one of the strongest here but is still weak. Although he would rather be on team Natsu with Wendy kinda of occupying that last spot this leaves him without a team. Wakaba and Macao don't go out on jobs anymore he is still the unofficial 2nd in guild behind Makarov. Max, Reedus, & Vijeeter don't really go out and more or less stay behind to run Fairy Tail with Mirajane and Kinana but they do have power and can fight. Warren has also gone out alone on several jobs and can handle tough situations.

Team Gajeel Gajeel Pantherlily

Lets be honest even in Phantom Lord Gajeel didn't even like some of his comrades and didn't work with them. All he wanted is a bad ass cat and he got one in Pantherlily. I don't think he would work with anyone else except Levy.

I would like to hear your opinions on the teams I put together of some teams you would like to see. When Fairy Tail returns.

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