Hey Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is not only an action packed series but also a funny one. There have been moments that had me laughing out loud. Here are a couple of moments that I liked.

Episode 129 Natsu and Gajeel challenge Laxus to a fight. Natsu fights hims first and loses within seconds. When it was Gajeel's turn he was no where to be found, just the outline of him running.

Episode 227 Natsu and Gray went on a quest and ended up fighting for 3 days and then sucker punching Erza.

Episode 174 Natsu and Gajeel get into a fight at the Grand Master Games with Natsu throwing Gajeel in a cart and pushing him away while he defeated the twin dragons. Then he forgot all about it.

Episode 6 Natsu and Gray fight each other and when Erza turns around they start dancing with each other.

Episode 86 Lucy tries to seduce Hughes and he just looks at her and attacks. (now why he didn't take the bait I don't know)

Episode 22 Lucy kicks Jose Porla in his crown jewels.

Episode 87 Natsu runs off after after being freed by Gray and Lucy and then runs back and say hey there are 2 monster in the room fighting its 2 Erza's. After they come up with a plan of attack he tells Gray they can't go that way that's where the 2 monsters are fighting.

Please tell me some of your Funny Fairy Tail moments.

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