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The one thing that gets me excited about this upcoming story arc on The Alvarez Empire is that it seems that FT is at a disadvantage when it comes to the level of power of the Spriggan 12. There were at a disadvantage against Grimoire Heart and Tartaros but they were pretty much still on there power level. While the Balam Alliance members where strong Fairy Tail was just as strong in there own right. Now Mashima has shown us that once again FT wizards(mages) have gotten stronger. The most noticeable power level increase are that of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy(Carla), and Laxus. I think it goes without saying that Erza, Gajeel, and Mira have all probably powered up as well, we just have not seen it yest. Elfman, Cana, Lisanna, and the rest of FT may have powered up to but I still don't think there levels have increased to that of FT Team A & B. Gilldarts goes without saying. laxus defeated Jura during the GMG when Jura was ranked the 4th wizard saint so in the year time skip could Laxus be just as strong as the Four Gods of Ishgar. So he may (or may not) be at least close to God Serena's power level. We all know Natsu power continues to grow and his arm may be the release of END IDK. Has Gray mastered Ice devil slayer magic and did something happen to him when he absorbed Memento Mori. Can Lucy use CSK powers like she can use the other spirits. Has any of the Dragon slayers mastered dragon force. The twin dragons aren't quite there yet, Gajeel hasn't done it yet, and Natsu has only done it in extreme situations. I still don't see there power level any where near the Spriggan 12. So how can they win even with the other guilds getting involved(And I hope they do). Of course this is a three way fight as they also have to battle Acnologia(I still want to believe that there are more original dragon slayers out there. It has never been said that Acnologia killed them as well as the dragons).

So FT Wiki members how do you think FT wizards power levels compare to the Spriggan 12?

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