Hey Fairy Tail

I want to keep this blog strictly related to the anime. Which was some of the best fights scenes in Fairy Tail. I am not a fan of the anime only story arcs and there fight scenes were even worse. With that being said how many Fairy tail fights did you enjoy and which ones did you hate.

My top 3 Fairy Tail Fights:

Erza vs Azuma: To me this has got to be hands down the best fight scene the Fairy Tail anime had. This fight went back and forth and even though you new the good gut (or girl) would win Azuma had her on the ropes. Even watching the fight there was several times where it looked like Azuma had the win.

Team Natsu & Laxus vs Hades: This was an all out fight in which once again the the villain was close to winning. In fact had it not been for Team Exceeds then team Natsu would have lost. Given that all the team members were already hurt from previous battles Hades was outnumbered and not to mention Laxus was at full strength.

Natsu & Gajeel vs Sting & Rouge: OK I know this was a highly criticized fight but to me it was still one of the best. I would have like to see Gajeel finish the fight but Natsu kicked but from beginning to end. The most disappointing part about the fight was all that trash talk Lector was doing just to see Sting get his butt kicked BAD(am I the only one that hates Frosch).

My bottom 3 of disappointing fights.

Erza vs Kagura/Erza vs Minerva: This fight seemed to be hyped up for such a let down. I thought Erza would have been in a fight for her life but to be honest she seemed to have a tougher time with the butt jiggle gang. If Erza was at full strength she would have not needed the Nakagami Armor to defeat Minerva.

Laxus vs Raven Tail: He took out the entire guild without even using his full strength. Hell he wasn't even pushed to his limit.

Gildarts vs Bluenote: Bluenote walked on the island like a boss but got curb stomped by Gildarts. Hades made it seem like he didn't want Bluenote on the island because he was so powerful but Azuma looked like he was the one with the power and the game plan. Bluenote went out like a whisper.

Honorable mention: Erza Scarlet vs Erza Nightwalker: Probably should have been 3 on my list

Natsu vs Zero

Erza,Natsu, & Gajeel vs Laxus

Natsu vs Jellal

Lucy vs Flare

Gray vs Ultear

Elfman vs Bacchus

Gajeel vs Rouge: Iron Shadow Dragon nuff said

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