Hey Fairy Tail

This Blog will be about two types of magic in Fairy Tail. Dragon Slayer magic and Celestial magic, these two types of magic are the magic of the shows 2 main protagonist. Natsu is a dragon slayer and Lucy is a celestial spirt user. I want to focus on Dragon Slayer magic first. This form of magic is taught to its user from a dragon. This dragon is usually the foster parent of the user. It is said that if a dragon slayer continues to use his power he will eventually turn into a dragon. In order to stop this dragon slayer can become a host for their foster dragon (father). Another way to become a dragon slayer is to have dragon lacrima implanted in there body. Although it’s not clear, it appears that you have to do this several time over a period of time in order to become a dragon slayer. It’s not known if the user chooses what type of dragon slayer power he wields or if it’s at random. There are 8 known dragon slayers in the Fairy Tail universe. Yes I said 8; don’t forget that Acnologia was a dragon slayer first. Although not stated it’s kind of a general conclusion that dragon slayers are rare and is one of the most powerful of magic. Other magic users fight on par with dragon slayers like god slayers magic and even molding magic. Now aside from Natsu and Laxus I can’t say that I’m too impressed with dragon slayers. Sorry to Gajeel fans but for me he lost some points when he fought Yomazu and Kawazu. Although he went all badass as on Rouge he’s never really had that fight to define him. At one time I thought in a one on one fight he could beat Gray (before he was an Ice devil slayer) but now I don’t think he would have. I’m sure there will be a story arc again on the return of dragons or there will be another dragon slayer, but hopefully they will explore the extent of their power. I would also like to know who was the first dragon slayer and if Acnologia could pass on his power to a dragon slayer (now that he’s a dragon) to a human like the other dragons can. Now Celestial Spirt user has the power to call spirts from the celestial world. I never really liked this power until recently when Lucy herself can fight alongside of here spirts using there abilities. Celestial spirts user seem to be special in the sense that there power is always needed for some sort of instrument. Celestial spirts user are needed for instruments in the Key of the Starry Sky arc and in the Grand Magic Games arc. I also thought it was weird that they were needed in the GMG arc because the Eclipse Gate was a magic item from the book of Zeref. Why would it need Celestial magic? Theres more to the Celestial world then we know about and maybe soon we’ll find out.

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