Hey Fairy Tail

In every world of comics & cartoons (Anime) there are always characters that die that you wish would not have or would come back. Fairy Tail is not as bad as other comics but there are two characters that I liked would I wish would come back. These two characters are not actually dead but do not seem to be coming back anytime soon.

Azuma. Azuma was a badass that could have taken out the entire Fairy Tail guild. He took their power by destroying Tenrou tree. He let Erza keep her power to have a true battle. He took Erza to her limits and almost won. Even though he was apart of Grimoire Heart he was honorable and kept his word. After Erza defeated him he turned into a tree on Tenrou Island. He was actually in stasis along with the Fair Tail group for 7 years. I don't know if he would ever return but it would be awesome.

Ultear. Ultear is the only wizard that I know of that actually defeated Zeref. Even though he was powered down she still won. I liked her sacrifice even better. I just wish they would have had more Gray and Ultear moments before she died. I don't know if this was done on purpose but it feels like Minerva is some what a replacement for Ultear. A battle between the two would have been nice to see. She has now grown old but it would be nice if she could revert back to her younger self. Now I now Jellal like Erza but I thought she was dating Siegrain during there time on the council.

Let me know of some Fairy Tail characters that you would like to see come back. I bet a lot of you would love to see the return of Zero.

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