Hey Fairy Tail

My first blog is a focus on the story arcs of Fairy Tail. To be more specific the difference in the anime story arcs and the manga. All of us are fans of other comic to animation (or Movies/TV Show) titles and have had our displeasure over the portrayal of the characters. Teen Titans, Young Justice, almost any Batman or Superman show and just about everything that has to do with the X-men. In anime though most of the time the anime goes side by side with the manga. The anime then offers OVA’s and those stories (mostly on-shots) that are not in the manga. For Fairy Tail they not only have OVA’s but the anime also placed episodes directly into the story line. Before I became a Fairy Tail fan I didn’t know this but after collecting some of the paperbacks and joining this website I found this out. I have to say after watching 226 episodes of this anime I dislike almost all of the anime story arcs other than the fact that they give us more Fairy Tail. My biggest disappointments with the anime story arcs are the fights. In the manga story arcs the fight are more back and forth and lets you enjoy the entire fight. This is the case when we see Sting & Rouge fight Natsu and Gajeel. It has been one of the best fights of the anime. I can also say this about several other fights such as Erza Scarlet vs Erza Nightwalker, Gray vs Lyon, and Lucy vs Flare. In the anime story arcs the fights are typically one sided all the way until the end. The villain is kicking butt until one big hit at the end and the hero wins. It’s so stereotypical and at least for me non enjoyable. I’ve seen this in the Key of the Starry Sky arc and the Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc. Now this has happened to a lesser degree in the manga story arcs, the Battle of Fairy Tail story arc and the Oracion Seis story arc. I also dislike some of the stories all together. I don’t like the way Gray was written in the Daphne story arc. Gray would never intentionally put Natsu in a bad situation and the reason behind it did not seem very believable. And, speaking of Gray has anyone notice that in both of the anime story arcs that Earth Land Sugar Boy and Cancer had crushed on him. Look I don’t judge but really though? What are they trying to say about Gray or are the anime writers trying to change him. Also can somebody please explain what that was even all about? This blog is going to be a short one but my next one will be on magic. Why so many Dragon Slayers and why is Celestial magic so important?

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