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Vote for The Best Couple of Fairy Tail

Now, you may nominate for THE BEST COUPLE of Fairy Tail!

Is is Natsu & Lucy? Gajeel & Levy? Or others?

It's easy. Just nominate them in this blog and maybe they will come out as The Best Couple!!!

Round 1 Done Done

It's Round 2! These are the couples qualified for this round.

Voting starts! You will vote for the

  • The Most Destructive Couple!
  • The Strongest Couple!
  • The Cutest Couple!
  • The Most Cooperative Couple in Battle!
  • The Coolest Couple!
  • The First-To-Break-Up Couple!
  • The Most Special Couple!

Due Date: Until 1 July 2012!

Then The Best Couple Voting starts! (among winners of the awards above)

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