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    Now, you may nominate for THE BEST COUPLE of Fairy Tail!

    Is is Natsu & Lucy? Gajeel & Levy? Or others?

    It's easy. Just nominate them in this blog and maybe they will come out as The Best Couple!!!

    Round 1

    It's Round 2! These are the couples qualified for this round.

    • 1st Nomination: Juvia Lockser & Gray Fullbuster
    • 2nd Nomination: Jellal Fernandes & Erza Scarlet
    • 3rd Nomination: Mest & Wendy Marvell
    • 4th Nomination: Gajeel Redfox & Levy McGarden
    • 5th Nomination: Alzack Connell & Bisca Connell
    • 6th Nomination: Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia
    • 7th Nomination: Lyon Vastia & Juvia Lockser
    • 8th Nomination: Natsu Dragneel & Lisanna Strauss
    • 9th Nomination: Kagura Mikazuchi & Jellal Fernandes
    • 10th Nomination: Laxus Dreyar & Mirajane Strauss
    • 11th Nomination: Elfman Stra…
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