Okay so we know Lucy has this new star dress which allows her to use the powers of her Celestial spirits while also increasing her own magic level. We also know the Crux retains all the history and knowledge of the Celestial Spirit world and those who have dealt with the Celestial world. By all means wouldn't Star dress Crux be Lucy's most powerful and useful star dress?

She should be able to:

  • Figure out information on Zeref given he wanted to create the eclipse gate to travel back in time to revive his dead brother. Thus she would be able to not only find out information on Zeref but also E.N.D discovering that it is Natsu.
  • Find out who and how the Celestial spirit Keys were made thus recreating Aquarius Key and creating a Key or the Celestial spirit King.
  • Figure out what other Celestial spirits exist within the Celestial spirit world. Thus being able to form contracts with other spirits.
  • Celestial spells like Galaxia Blade and possibly some other star magic like Heavenly body magic.

I mean Lucy is already a fast study when it comes to learning new types of magic considering she learned Urano Metria and Star dress pretty fast. Now imagine if she could get the information downloaded directly to her mind. She should be an expert on Celestial spirit magic.

I want to know what others think.

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