Okay so reading the Manga I realized something very important. That is Lucy never uses her full potential in battle in which is crazy. I know people are going to talk about chapter chapters 383-386 and how Lucy summoned the Spirit King and summoned 3 spirits and cast Urano Metria but that is far from her full potential. While Summoning the CSK surpasses what I am about to sa but I am talking more about battle power and different things she could do.

I want to talk about Urano Metria first. When Lucy used it against Angel during the OS arc she was almost on Zero when it came down to magical power. She used the remaining magic she had to cast it. She didn't use all her magic though because after that Virgo came through the gate on her own still using Lucy's magical power. Also Hikibi didn't give her any magical power he just gave her the information to perform the spell.

File:Mfairy tail ch144 p16.jpg
File:Mfairy tail ch144 p17.jpg
File:Mfairy tail ch144 p18 19.jpg

After performing the spell she didn't even realize she has done it:

File:Mfairy tail ch145 p03.jpg

But then during the GMG she says something like:


Which in all honesty makes no since for multiple reasons.

1)When she performed it the first time she was almost on empty and had summoned 4 spirits before hand but the second time she performed it she summoned just as many spirits and was still a full health.

2)Lucy post Time skip is 2x+ stronger than Pre time skip Lucy with Second origin.

3)The first time she performed it she didn't know what happened or even the fact she performed Urano Metria yet during the GMG she said even if she doubles her magical power it want be as strong as then although she doesn't even know how powerful it was then.

I sum that one up to PIS. Hiro should probably read his material more. There are some plot holes with that one.

Now on to my Lucy power thing which is Unison raids/Combo's. I mean we have only seen her use it twice so far after the time skip. Why doesn't she use it more. Some Combo's I thought of:

1.Leo+Scorpio:Regalus Buster 2.Leo+Scorpio+Taurus:Regalus Sand Tyhoon 3.Leo+Scorpio+Taurus:Regalus Sand Storm 4.Leo+Scorpio+Sagittarius:Regalus Sand Arrow(s) 5.Leo+Aquarius:Regalus River 6.Leo+Aquarius:Regalus Bubble 7.Leo+Aquarus::Regalus Pillar 8.Leo+Aquarius:Regalus Water Beam 9.Leo+Aquarius+Taurus:Regalus Water Storm 10.Leo+Aquarius+Taurus:Regalus Water Tyhoon 11.Leo+Aquarius+Sagittarius:Regalus Water Arrow(s) 12.Leo+Virgo:Regalus Lock 13.Leo+Virgo:Regalus Hole 14.Leo+Virgo:Regalus Chains/Diver 15.Leo+Virgo+Taurus: Regalus Rock Storm 16.Leo+Virgo+Taurus:Regalus Rock Tyhoon 17.Leo+Virgo+Sagittarius:Regalus Rock Arrow(s) 18.Leo+Sagittarius:Regalus Arrow(s) 19.Leo+Taurus:'Bold text'Regalus storm 20.Leo+Taurus:Regalus Tyhoon 21.Aquarius+Scorpio+Leo:Regalus Water Buster 22.Aquarius+Scorpio+Leo:Regalus Water sand Pillar 23.Aquarius+Scorpio+Leo:Regalus Water sand Wave 24.Aquarius+Scorpio+Leo:Regalus Water Sand Bubbles 25.Aquarius+Scorpio:Mud Wave 26.Aquarius+Scorpio:Mud Pillar 27.Aquarius+Scorpio:Mud Bubbles 28.Aquarius+Scorpio:Mud Buster 29.Aquarius+Scorpio+Taurus:Mud Storm 30.Aquarius+Scorpio+Taurus:Mud Tyhoon 31.Aquarius+Scorpio+Sagittarius:Mud Arrow(s) 32.Aquarius+Scorpio+Virgo:Mud Lock 33.Aquarius+Scorpio+Virgo:Mud Hole 34.Aquarius+Scorpio+Virgo:Mud Rock Buster 35.Aquarius+Virgo+Sagittarius:Water rock Arrows 36.Aquarius+Virgo+Taurus:Water rock tyhoon 37.Aquarius+Virgo+Taurus: Water Rock Storm 38.Aquarius+Virgo+Leo:Regalus Rock Pillar 39.Aquarius+Virgo+Leo:Regalus Rock Wave 40.Aquarius+Virgo+Leo:Regalus rock Bubbles 41.Aquarius+Virgo+Leo:Regalus rock Beam 42.Taurus+Virgo:Rock Storm 43.Taurus+Virgo:Rock Tyhoon 44.Scorpio+Virgo:Sand Diver 45.Scorpio+Virgo:Rock Buster 46.Scorpio+Virgo+Taurus:Sand Rock Storm 47.Scorpio+Virgo+Taurus:Sand Rock Tyhoon 48.Scorpio+Virgo+Leo:Regalus rock Buster 49.Scorpio+Virgo+Sagittarius:Sand rock Arrow(s) 50.Scorpio+Taurus:Sand Storm 51.Scorpio+Taurus:Sand tyhoon 52.Aquarius+Taurus:Water Storm 53.Aquarius+Taurus:Water Tyhoon 54.Aries+Taurus:Wool Storm 55.Aries+Taurus:Wool Tyhoon 56.Gemini+Taurus:Urano Metria Storm 57.Gemini+Taurus:Urano Metria Typhoon 58.Gemini+Sagittarius:Urano Metria Arrow(s) 59.Gemini+Scorpio:Urano Metria Buster

The ones that say Aquarius are to be considered Lucy infused with Aquarius. Created the list before Chapter 385. Add Urano Metria to all the attacks above through the use of Gemini and the attack power becomes even greater without wasting that much energy.

What Combinations do you want to see? Would you rather see Lucy have her spirits Fight 1 on 1 or have them used to fight in Unison.

P.S: This is more of an updated blog to a previous one I made using updated information obtained.

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