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9 gates + master of the celestial realm

So looking up constellations I figured you have 9 strong celestial spirits and the king.

9 Celestial gates: 1.Phoenix- External fire 2.Draco- Radiant Dragon 3.Cassioppia- The shallow queen 4.Andromeda- The beauty 5.Cetus- The water monster 6.Hydra- The muti headed snake 7.Perseus- The swordsman 8.Herculus- The brute 9.Orion- The giant

Master ---Cephus

What do you guys think? Do you think the Celestial realm have its own 9 gates? DOu you think the Celestial realm posses magics like Etherion and Face? Do the celestial realm have gods, a council and high ranking soilders outside of the constellation list like Planets, Dwarf planets and Objects(Asteroid, Comet etc)?

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