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  • KnocknickKnock

    Okay so we know Lucy has this new star dress which allows her to use the powers of her Celestial spirits while also increasing her own magic level. We also know the Crux retains all the history and knowledge of the Celestial Spirit world and those who have dealt with the Celestial world. By all means wouldn't Star dress Crux be Lucy's most powerful and useful star dress?

    She should be able to:

    • Figure out information on Zeref given he wanted to create the eclipse gate to travel back in time to revive his dead brother. Thus she would be able to not only find out information on Zeref but also E.N.D discovering that it is Natsu.
    • Find out who and how the Celestial spirit Keys were made thus recreating Aquarius Key and creating a Key or the Celesti…
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  • KnocknickKnock

    Okay so reading the Manga I realized something very important. That is Lucy never uses her full potential in battle in which is crazy. I know people are going to talk about chapter chapters 383-386 and how Lucy summoned the Spirit King and summoned 3 spirits and cast Urano Metria but that is far from her full potential. While Summoning the CSK surpasses what I am about to sa but I am talking more about battle power and different things she could do.

    I want to talk about Urano Metria first. When Lucy used it against Angel during the OS arc she was almost on Zero when it came down to magical power. She used the remaining magic she had to cast it. She didn't use all her magic though because after that Virgo came through the gate on her own sti…

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  • KnocknickKnock

    A lot of people having been underestimating Lucy's power lately saying she has no chance of taking on or defeating a 9DG member with her power level. I am here to say I disagree on that matter. Everybody on Team Natsu is on a hole other level vs a lot of post time skip characters and especially a lot pre time skip characters.

    Right Now I came up with 88 reasonable, possible and Powerful Combo Lucy's spirits could do. I didn't add any extra spirits that Lucy doesn't have and I just used her 10 zodiac keys and her Urano metria spell. Deduced from what I saw from previous Unison raids involving Lucy I came up with 88 powerful Unisons. I tried to stick within reasonable means when determining these Unison raids. You will not find any of Lucy's …

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  • KnocknickKnock

    Okay so going back and rereading some Fairy Tail chapters it came to my conclusion that Second origin still seems greatly confusing.

    This is the explanation given by Ultear:

    So my interpretation is that it improved upon the first container to allow you to use the second container. We all know Ultear magic speed or slows down time so my guess is that she speed up the progression of the first container which gave access to the second container of magic.

    For Example: If certain characters Magical reserves were at:

    Lucy: 70 Erza: 150 Natsu: 100 Gray: 80

    If their first container was improved upon by lets say by a factor of 2:

    Lucy: 140 Erza: 300 Natsu: 200 Gray: 160

    with their Second container released:

    Lucy: 280 Erza: 600 Natsu: 400 Gray: 320

    This mea…

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  • KnocknickKnock

    So looking up constellations I figured you have 9 strong celestial spirits and the king.

    9 Celestial gates: 1.Phoenix- External fire 2.Draco- Radiant Dragon 3.Cassioppia- The shallow queen 4.Andromeda- The beauty 5.Cetus- The water monster 6.Hydra- The muti headed snake 7.Perseus- The swordsman 8.Herculus- The brute 9.Orion- The giant

    Master ---Cephus

    What do you guys think? Do you think the Celestial realm have its own 9 gates? DOu you think the Celestial realm posses magics like Etherion and Face? Do the celestial realm have gods, a council and high ranking soilders outside of the constellation list like Planets, Dwarf planets and Objects(Asteroid, Comet etc)?

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