Well, first off I would like to say hello to anyone that'll be reading my first blog! I wouldn't really consider it as a first because I know I had really nothing to say that'll contribute. T_T

I was a bystander in this wikia for a long time. But I remember I created an account but, lost all memory about my username and password. So, now I created a new one! Yay! I remember I've been visiting the wikia since the ending of Edolas arc(is that a long time?) and I'm just amazed how you guys handle the things here. Their blogs, the edits, and everything. Well now, I'm not really sure if I can partake to those tasks but I guess I want to do something for the anime that I really love....

My problem, first of all is how to write things here? But I'm able to figure that you'll need to have the paragraph tags here(thanks to the preview tab and the basic knowledge about HTML). How things work and the rules and the boundaries. I know there are protocols in here and I wouldn't want to be violating those.... So, is this enough for my first speech? Hope you guys'll be good to me and help me give what I can here.... ^_^

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