• Kenaeger2

    Well, first off I would like to say hello to anyone that'll be reading my first blog! I wouldn't really consider it as a first because I know I had really nothing to say that'll contribute. T_T

    I was a bystander in this wikia for a long time. But I remember I created an account but, lost all memory about my username and password. So, now I created a new one! Yay! I remember I've been visiting the wikia since the ending of Edolas arc(is that a long time?) and I'm just amazed how you guys handle the things here. Their blogs, the edits, and everything. Well now, I'm not really sure if I can partake to those tasks but I guess I want to do something for the anime that I really love....

    My problem, first of all is how to write things here? But…

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