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Great Magic Tournament

I want to know what you guys think is in store for the top 8 teams that are through.

I think that its gonna be a guild vs. guild fight all the way from 8 to 4 to the final 2.

This is how I think its going to work:

Fairy Tail vs. Raven Tail (For obvious reasons), Sabertooth vs. Quatro Cerberus (Just guessing), Lamia Scale vs. #2 (Just guessing), Blue Pegasus vs. Mermaid Heel (For obvious reasons),

Fairy Tail vs. Lamia Scale, Sabertooth vs. Blue Pegasus

Fairy Tail vs. Sabertooth

This is how I see the tournament going through, but I have a bad feeling that Mashima is going to put a stop to this tournament in some unorthodox fashion. =(

What do you guys think?

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