Hello, if you don't mind, I want to share my opinion about the recent arc, the Alvarez Empire Arc.

To be honest, I pretty much enjoyed this arc so far, although some of the recent fights (Laxus vs. Wahl, Wendy and Sherria vs. Dimaria) could've been better. The best parts were, in my opinion, the rescue of Makarov, Erza vs Ajeel and the revalations of the past (the 7 Dragons' 400 Year plan to use Eclipse). The most hilarious part was the whole Natsu and Lucy vs. Jacob. Indeed it reminded me when NaLu fought against Kain, and later Franmalth. Yet, I loved how Lucy outsmarted Jacob, saving the whole Guild (for the second time in the series). It was also good to see, that other characters aso had their time to shine: Bisca, the Thunder God Tribe, Ichiya (of course I hate that guy, still he did a good job), Sherria, and of course, Crime Sorceiere. I was delighted that Jellal is finally back into action.

On the flipside, there were also some not-so-good momets and headscratchers during this arc. for example, I expected more from Dimaria and Brandish. The former, despite her OP magic, was defeated by two young girls (I expected her to fight with Erza); and the latter wasn't given a proper fight. However, she's still my favourite Spriggan and I'm curious what'll she do? Join Fairy Tail or remain on Zeref's side. And of course, there's Marin. That guy is really annoying, the only positive I can say about him that at least he makes a good source of laughs (especially his reaction to Gemini). I also somehow overhyped God Serena. It was a good scene when he fought and defeated his former comrades, but then he was one-shotted by Acnologia. From hisis 8 different type type of DS magic, 4 now will remain still a mystery.

The main headscratcher is that how on the heck Natsu was able to activate his Flame Dragon King Mode again to defeat Jacob, when he stated earlier that it can be used only once and then it disappear forever. The another one is the absence of Gildarts. I know that the main reason why he isn't present in most arcs, because he is too overpowered compared to the another characters, but the heroes are facing their most powerful opponents yet. I hope he'll eventually show up to fight againt August.

And now, about August himself. He is, at least for now, the strongest of the Spriggan 12. Aside that he can create Magic Barriers, troll with Warren's radar and is said to wield every element of magic, little is known about his true power. Now he is closing towards the Guild, so I'm really curious what he is capable of...

Finally, it's good to see that the pressure is on again. With August and Zeref coming towards Magnolia, Neinhart's Magic giving troubles on South and Sabertooth-Blue Pegasus's ahinnilation on North, the hype is real again...

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