Hello all I thought I should try my first blog ever :P.

Here, I wanted to discuss/speculate any and all mysteries and holes in Fairy Tail, both the exciting one and the weird if not creepy ones. Also which mystery is your favorite, and why? Again this is just for discussion, although we all don't know all these mysteries, we can have fun making assumptions, and see who could be right in the end. (you can choose one not in the list)

-who's the fourth guild creator of Fairy Tail?

-What's up with the twelve zodiac keys? (why were they made what was they're purpose etc.)

-Why is the Pegasus guild filled with beautiful people?

-why are all the dragon slayers orphans?

-What's the complete stpry about the Dragons?-especially Acnologia and Igneel (I know a lot has been cleared up but still).

-Why is bob so creepy, weird, and bald now?

-What is the relationship between the Demon Gates and the celestial spirits (if there is one)?

-When are Yukino and Surano going to see each other again?

-Why was Kinana turned into a snake, and when is she going to get her memory back and see Cobra again?

-How is Kinana's memory restoration going to affect her?

-How exactly did Deliora come to Earthland, and why wasn't he sealed like the lullaby flute?

-How did the council get to building face and the etherion?

-Why didn't Brain save Midnight from the Tower of Heaven?

-How did Zero come to being?

-(oh this is an obvious one) WHY WASNT THE ETHERION USED ON DELIORA????

-What is the one magic / ultimate magic world?

-Also we can still talk about Silver and Lumen Histoire before that ship sails.

If there are any others (which there probably are) let me know.

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