So I woke up today, and this idea suddenly hit me on maybe a way Lisanna could be made into more of a useful character rather than just killing her off.

Say after the Tartarus arc is finished. Fairy Tail goes back to repairing the guild (again). Lisanna sulks as she finds herself useless in being able to ever help her siblings and FT in general. Mirajane and Elfman see her in a bad mood, and after Lisanna explains, that try to deny that she is useless. Although Lisanna feels comforted, she is not all the way convinced. She now goes to help the other members rebuild, when she finds this book. Later, after the guild is fixed up enough, Lisanna declares that she will be going a way for a while on a journey, so that she can become more powerful as a wizard. Everyone tries to convince her to do otherwise, especially Mira, Elfman and Natsu, but her mind is set. Mira and Elfman except her choice after possibly bargaining to go with her, and hearing her say no because she has to do this herself. She sees Natsu sad and tells him not to worry because Fairy Tail will always be her home, and that she should be back soon. Later, Lucy questions what book was in Lisanna hands, which gets everyone to wonder the same, until Kinana states that it was a book on Take Over magic, and that she had been looking at the same book before.

Now onto the book. I would like Lisanna to maintain her animal take over, but animal take over is rather broad. What if she could be able to turn into Mythological animals? She could then do things like a griffin take over or a phoenix take over.

With all of this, Lisanna would not just have a plot revolved around her but character development and a chance for a really big power boost. Something that would redeem her as a character, rather than just giving up on her entirely.

What do you guys think about this story? And tell me other suggestions on how you would tweek it, or redeem Lisanna in another way.

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