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  • JohnnyN64

    So the mass majority -including me- pray that Natsu is not in any way shape or form (SO HELP ME GOD) END. The thing is though all the theories I have heard before don't make sense to me anyway or don't completely add up (YAY). Now I know that in the end, the idea is still possible no matter what (and after me knick-picking all the plausible ideas, it would make it even worse for me), since Hiro has been known to make bold plot moves and leave holes that only end up demeaning his genius, but he is known for other things like not being to overly-predictable. I just hope that this will shed some hope, and actually lead to END not being Natsu.

    One theory is that END will possess Natsu in the short future. Yeah sounds very plausible, especially …

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  • JohnnyN64


    June 29, 2014 by JohnnyN64

    So I woke up today, and this idea suddenly hit me on maybe a way Lisanna could be made into more of a useful character rather than just killing her off.

    Say after the Tartarus arc is finished. Fairy Tail goes back to repairing the guild (again). Lisanna sulks as she finds herself useless in being able to ever help her siblings and FT in general. Mirajane and Elfman see her in a bad mood, and after Lisanna explains, that try to deny that she is useless. Although Lisanna feels comforted, she is not all the way convinced. She now goes to help the other members rebuild, when she finds this book. Later, after the guild is fixed up enough, Lisanna declares that she will be going a way for a while on a journey, so that she can become more powerful…

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  • JohnnyN64

    Hello all I thought I should try my first blog ever :P.

    Here, I wanted to discuss/speculate any and all mysteries and holes in Fairy Tail, both the exciting one and the weird if not creepy ones. Also which mystery is your favorite, and why? Again this is just for discussion, although we all don't know all these mysteries, we can have fun making assumptions, and see who could be right in the end. (you can choose one not in the list)

    -who's the fourth guild creator of Fairy Tail?

    -What's up with the twelve zodiac keys? (why were they made what was they're purpose etc.)

    -Why is the Pegasus guild filled with beautiful people?

    -why are all the dragon slayers orphans?

    -What's the complete stpry about the Dragons?-especially Acnologia and Igneel (I kno…

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