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  • Jinji

    I've been reading the Manga, watching the Anime and browsing through the wiki and a thought occurred to me. What if there is a possibility that Nirvana is somehow the reason why Zeref is no longer evil? It fits! Nirvana was said to be created by Roubaul four hundred years before the series in order to stop the war around the world. Zeref is said to be 400+ years old and was the one who threw the world into chaos. What if Roubaul created Nirvana in order to stop Zeref? What if he was the one who sealed him? He has unimaginable Magical Power, seeing how he manage to create multiple illusions with their own personalities despite the fact that he was a spirit himself. What do you guys think? All comments are welcome!

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  • Jinji


    August 28, 2011 by Jinji

    At first, mystery shrouded Hades's character. He is the second master of Fairy Tail who turns evil after entrusting the guild to Makarov. He somehow manage to create a guild of his own and train seven people who will be his Seven Kin, giving each of them a type of Lost Magic. During his fights, he is shown to be powerful and confident in his strength. He managed to defeat Makarov without sustaining injuries. In his fight with Team Natsu and Laxus, he manages to overpower them and could have defeated them if it hadn't been for one thing...

    ...he is stupid! Who in their right mind would let his power source be so close to the fight? Who in their right mind would let weak Mages defend it in case someone manage to find it? Who in their right m…

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  • Jinji

    Celestial Spirits

    August 26, 2011 by Jinji

    Everyone knows what Celestial Spirits are. They are those powerful creatures that can be summoned from another dimension by their owner, whether to aid them in battle, do choirs, or just hang around with. In the series, only fifteen spirits have been revealed (10 gold keys and 5 silver keys). Everyone is anticipating the appearance of the two remaining zodiac spirits and other celestial spirits. While we are waiting for the official Celestial Spirits to appear, I would like to know what everyone's ideas are. Which constellation would you like to see turned into Celestial Spirits?

    Feel free to suggest what you think would be the role, appearance and power if the constellations are to be turned into Celestial Spirits.

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