Hi ! Well, I'm not really good with this kind of thing and I usually just wait for other people's blog to be posted and read it, especially the comments section. But I really feel like saying some things about the latest chapter.

First off, I really think that FT deserved a win. I mean I really expect them to be underdogs early game but then suddenly gain the upper hand late game and emerge victorious, but I think that they should have won at least something by the end of the first day. Alas, Mashima would not allow it.

Moving on, Jellal and Jura's fight was awesome, although I still think Lucy's was better. They were really on par and gave a good fight. And I must say that Jellal did great in mimicking Mystogan's spells. I also loved how nice Mirajane was after Jellal's loss.

Lastly, the 'bad omen' was actually pretty predictable, because we were all informed that this ain't some normal magic games. However, the part when it said that: "To my beloved Lucy Heartfilia, from Levy McGarden", really gave me something to worry about. Even though I think Mashima won't let someone as vital as Lucy die (especially because she was the object in most fan services with all the ripping of clothes), it still made me worry. One thing I loved about 'Levy's letter to Lucy' was this: "...several days after the close of the Grand Magic Games...". Why? Coz this probably means that the games would be finished before the chaos brought by the 'strange magical force with an evil presence' happens. I would really hate if the tournament is to be interrupted halfway through like the S-class Exams since I really wanted to find out who the next S-class mage of Ft will be.

Overall, it was a nice chapter. It was definitely decent way of ending the first day of the Grand Magic Games. 4 out 5 stars. =)))))

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