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Chapter 260 - The Official Beginning of a New Arc =))))

Jimx03 November 19, 2011 User blog:Jimx03

FT just keeps getting better and better!

For me, this chapter is great! It is exciting and the revelations were really unpredictable (for me, at least). I was surprised that Porlyusica was the Grandine in Edolas. It made me wonder who the counterparts of Igneel and Metallicana are, and if we will be able to meet them. I also liked that Wendy will have 2 new, extraordinarily difficult (hence, extremely powerful) spells. I can't wait for her to use it. I am also looking forward to how the "tenrou guys" will get stronger in 3 months. As for the "Daimatouenbu" (Grand Magic Games), I kinda anticipated it, really, but I still think it is going to be awesome. I think that this arc will also be a nice break from all the wars with Dark Guilds.

Overall, it was a great chapter. And I cannot wait for the next ones! =)))))

Rating : 9/10

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