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  • Jimx03

    After the disqualification of Raven Tail in Day 3, one of the concerns of the people was how the match ups will be done now that there are an odd number of competing teams. The theory I had was that each team will be sending out 2 pairs and will basically be like this: Pair1 vs. Pair2, Pair2 vs. Pair 3...Pair7 vs. Pair1. There will be a total of 7 matches.

    As part of my theory, these are the possible (and likely) line-ups with the corresponding winning team:

    Again, this is just a theory.

    PS. I hope I did not violate any of the rules regarding pictures once again. And if I did, I am terribly sorry, again.

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  • Jimx03

    Raven Tail

    June 7, 2012 by Jimx03

    So I was reading some chapters when I across this page of chapter 263:

    Who is the creep beside Obra? Is he important in this arc? Will we get to see him in the next chapters? Am I giving him a lot of unnecessary attention? Am I just noticing him now because I have nothing else to do?

    The answer to that - I don't know, but I hope so. Honestly, he doesn't seem interesting or strong or powerful, but having Mashima put him there in that page may well enough say that he is of some value. So I hope to see him in this arc, possibly as a reserved member or something.

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  • Jimx03

    FT 281

    April 29, 2012 by Jimx03

    Hi! Does anyone know when Fairy Tail chapter 281 will be released? The waiting agonizes me. Thank you for those who'll reply! =)))))

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  • Jimx03

    Hi ! Well, I'm not really good with this kind of thing and I usually just wait for other people's blog to be posted and read it, especially the comments section. But I really feel like saying some things about the latest chapter.

    First off, I really think that FT deserved a win. I mean I really expect them to be underdogs early game but then suddenly gain the upper hand late game and emerge victorious, but I think that they should have won at least something by the end of the first day. Alas, Mashima would not allow it.

    Moving on, Jellal and Jura's fight was awesome, although I still think Lucy's was better. They were really on par and gave a good fight. And I must say that Jellal did great in mimicking Mystogan's spells. I also loved how ni…

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  • Jimx03

    FT just keeps getting better and better!

    For me, this chapter is great! It is exciting and the revelations were really unpredictable (for me, at least). I was surprised that Porlyusica was the Grandine in Edolas. It made me wonder who the counterparts of Igneel and Metallicana are, and if we will be able to meet them. I also liked that Wendy will have 2 new, extraordinarily difficult (hence, extremely powerful) spells. I can't wait for her to use it. I am also looking forward to how the "tenrou guys" will get stronger in 3 months. As for the "Daimatouenbu" (Grand Magic Games), I kinda anticipated it, really, but I still think it is going to be awesome. I think that this arc will also be a nice break from all the wars with Dark Guilds.


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