So continuing on from my last blog [[1]]. Its been revealed that Silver is actually Gray's father and not Deliora, which makes sense and fits with the previous chapters where Silver recognised Natsu and was visiting a grave [Gray's Mother?].
Deliora in the ice

looks like he died after all

So since we got another big reveal i do what everyone else loves doing, SPECULATING!

Silver actually being Gray's father and not Deliora opens a lot of doors. One of which is Silver's motivations, as to why he joined Tartarus in the first place, perhaps to get inside information on the guild of demons?
Silver Fullbuster profile

Just a father after all

So after this beast of a chapter perhaps next week when we see the final moments on Silver maybe, just maybe, Silver is able to transfer his demon slayer magic to Gray as a parting gift to defeat the rest of Tartarus? Who knows, but one thing i know is that Hiro Mashima has been picking up his game since the debauchery known as the Grand magic Games and Fairy Tail has been epic as hell since then

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