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July 29, 2012
  • Jho5689

    So continuing on from my last blog [[1]]. Its been revealed that Silver is actually Gray's father and not Deliora, which makes sense and fits with the previous chapters where Silver recognised Natsu and was visiting a grave [Gray's Mother?]. So since we got another big reveal i do what everyone else loves doing, SPECULATING! Silver actually being Gray's father and not Deliora opens a lot of doors. One of which is Silver's motivations, as to why he joined Tartarus in the first place, perhaps to get inside information on the guild of demons?

    So after this beast of a chapter perhaps next week when we see the final moments on Silver maybe, just maybe, Silver is able to transfer his demon slayer magic to Gray as a parting gift to defeat the res…

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  • Jho5689

    Gray and silver

    June 27, 2014 by Jho5689

    its been a very long time since i made a post but just wanted to say i fucking called it [1] So in the most recent chapter 390, it was revealed that Silver was actually Gray's father, sorta.

    So basically Silver is just a corpse that Deliora took over which makes sense seeing as Gray recognised he wasn't the same person, but it got me thinking. All the back when Silver was first introduced in chapter 353, he's seen to be visiting a grave after he had frozen the sun village as he thought Atlas was a demon, does seem a bit odd that a demon who was just living in a dead man's body to kill other demons and mourn for people via visiting their graves. Also its kinda weird that a demon would have devil slayer magic. Hopefully these aren't just plo…

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  • Jho5689

    Fairy Tail 343 and beyond

    September 27, 2013 by Jho5689

    Note-this is all purely speculating on the new character Silver THE "Ice Demon Slayer" Typo in the title 353 and beyond

    Lets get down to business

    So in the latest chapter we're introduced to an "ice devil slayer" named Silver who ironically seems to be a silver fox type person.[1], and in the 2nd last page [2] he said he was visiting a grave, perhaps that of a lost loved one?

    So what i'm speculating is that Silver who uses Ice Magic, is in actual fact is visiting Gray's grave and could very well be his son. As When Deliora attacked Gray's town perhaps his parent(s) did not die and survived; Silver now out for revenge consumes "the souls of demons" who had taken away the life of his son Gray.

    So that was my thoughts on the new character Silver f…

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  • Jho5689

    Okay so after reading chapter 336, im curious to see what'll happen next, wether Mashima will end the arc (pray that this doesn't happen) or if he will bring in Acnologia or Zeref into the arc. Now would be the time to bring in Acnologia, as just as Future Rogue's bullshit ends and things appear to be peacefull, boom, Acnologia shows up and chaos breaks out again.

    Just on a side note, if the gates have been destroyed does that mean that rogue and the 7 dragons will just disappear? And that everything that had happened because of Rogue (Dragons destroying the city) will not have happened. If that's the case then doesn't it mean that the the future will follow future Rogue's timeline where Acnologia shows up and kills basically everyone

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  • Jho5689

    Ok to start off let me just give out a few pieces of evidence before I give my full prediction. ***Spoilers and beware its a bloodly thesis***

    In the recent chapters we've seen the Jade dragon Zirconis is in the present time, however he was killed by Achnologia 400ish years in the past [1] and this must mean that the Zirconis must travel back to the past at some point. This leads to my next point, all the way back in chapter 301 [2] Zirconis presumably says to Natsu "Because of you i was..." just as he disappeared, i think that what he said was because of natsu he was killed or something because this version of Zirconis would have recalled all that is currently happening.

    Furthermore at the end of 292 [3] its seen that there is a man fightin…

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