aka Jessy

  • I live in Planet Earth, its a small one~ you wont find it easily u.u
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • JessyChan

    Hello guys~ I am writing this blog to ask you guys for help! I really need some >w> Cuz i suck XD And i am not that pro in the wikia options or w/e >w< I would be really grateful if you help me to make the wikia awesome QwQ ... Everyone can join~! But please dont violate the rules or vandalise the wikia. There will be rewards for some of the users who help the most :P ~! The "anime" series can be found here : ! The wikia is only about these series! Oh and the wikia for them is : ! Please PLEASE PLEASE~ help me T_T I am begging you from the bottom of my heart :( I want to make the wikia look as amazing as fairy …

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  • JessyChan

    Poor not-so-little Ezere, she killed the poor bug

    She was crying and crying, just waiting for a hug

    Then Ultra took that broken branch on the floor

    And threw it away to see it no more

    The accident tragical happened to be

    An end of a life of a handsome bee

    And a new story got born from the awful death

    Romance and love were born on Ultra's bed

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  • JessyChan

    This chat is dead, no wonder why.

    Noone is chatting, I should better die.

    I hear a needle falling on the floor.

    And then someone knocks on my front door.

    I go to open, it's mom with new bread.

    I go to check chat, yet it's still dead ...

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  • JessyChan

    Ezere and Ultra sittin' on a tree

    branch breaks, they fall on a bee~

    That bee gets crazy, no wonder why

    and calls his girlfriend, the ugly little fly~

    That gossip fly tells to all her friends

    That the time that couple spends

    Is a total waste of time

    while they're eating an old freaky lime

    Ultra and Ezere get up so quick

    that the bee couldnt even say "eek"

    The Poor little buzzy fuzzy died on the grass

    And nobody else saw him while they passed

    R.I.P. BEE Q-Q

    Artist JessyChan Name of Song R.I.P. Bee / Ezere and Ultra sittin' on a tree

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  • JessyChan

    LevyChan and JessyChan went in the chat. It was a normal chat...but then Zero came. He attacked Levy and Jessy, grabbed their feet and started killing them. But Levy murdered him before he could do bigger injuries. BUT THEN, Zero became a zombie and we all died o3o

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