um actually i dont know how to start but um i will start it XD


Hello iam nicole you can call me anything you like. iam from melbourne australia iam half filipina iam 15 yr old sigle

Personalities and background

ok iam a simple person who always focus on studies and party yes party i always throw party. i do play instrument and that is guitar iam not good at neither singing or arts but iam a cheerleader at our school. the sports i like is basketball eventhough iam a girly-girl XD i have 1 big sister which is met by abe and a one older brother.and despite being popular iam a bit nerd iam on the list of top ten in school.


anyway iam a bit tall despite being a cheerleader. i do have yellow hair BEFORE but now i have black last summer it was brown and the last spring it was red.


i do like the anime (Exept for fairy tail) umm k-on, maid sama, Detective conan and Pokemon :3 LOL in manga i only read the chapter's that is thriling


ok i've met friends like abe, red, toshi,Kevin,and many more


i bet i already have said my story i hope you all meet me XD

oh by the way to the users who dont have sig you can pm me on chat if you need help along with my friend Yuki Kuma Thank You!!!

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