• I live in Paris, France
  • I was born on January 3
  • JenahNicoleNoreene


    September 19, 2012 by JenahNicoleNoreene

    I now proclaim this blog to be a


    ~ No Floats Are Allowed To be Displayed ~ No Spamming ~ Have Fun

    Good Luck! ;)

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  • JenahNicoleNoreene


    September 13, 2012 by JenahNicoleNoreene


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  • JenahNicoleNoreene


    September 8, 2012 by JenahNicoleNoreene

    um actually i dont know how to start but um i will start it XD

    Hello iam nicole you can call me anything you like. iam from melbourne australia iam half filipina iam 15 yr old sigle

    ok iam a simple person who always focus on studies and party yes party i always throw party. i do play instrument and that is guitar iam not good at neither singing or arts but iam a cheerleader at our school. the sports i like is basketball eventhough iam a girly-girl XD i have 1 big sister which is met by abe and a one older brother.and despite being popular iam a bit nerd iam on the list of top ten in school.

    anyway iam a bit tall despite being a cheerleader. i do have yellow hair BEFORE but now i have black last summer it was brown and the last spring it was r…

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