After lying around in my house doing nothing, I realized a great idea for a blog. Since characters in different manga utilized a very similar power/ability in their respective universes, I wonder who is the better character in terms of his/her/its ability. I really want to know your opinions. So for today, it's all about 4 certain Explosive Experts. Representing Naruto, one half of the "Akatsuki's Artists", Deidara. From One Piece, the "Rupture Man" of the Donquixote Pirates, Gladius. Representing Bleach, known as the Sternritters' "The Explode", Bambietta. And from Fairy Tail, "The Bomber from the Gates of Hell", Jackal. If you feel that another character has that you guys know that I don't know is better, vote for the 5th option. Cast your votes. Comments are open. I'll be back with another Fantasy Battle maybe next week.

(Who's the most Explosive Expert????)

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