• JayPi

    God Names?

    May 19, 2012 by JayPi

    Have you guys noticed that Hiro Mashima has a habit of naming his characters after Greek/Roman gods/goddesses? Mashima already used two of the Olympian Gods plus the name of the God of the Underworld.

    Character Deity
    Greek Name Roman Name
    — Zeus Jupiter
    — Hera Juno
    — Poseidon Neptune
    — Demeter Ceres
    Minerva Athena Minerva
    — Apollo Apollo
    — Artemis Diana
    — Ares Mars
    — Aphrodite Venus
    — Hephaestus Vulcan
    — Hermes Mercury
    Bacchus Dionysus Bacchus
    — Hestia Vesta
    Hades Hades Pluto

    Any guesses on which god/goddess name he'll use next? I'm hoping for Hestia/Vesta since she's my favorite goddess. Apollo and Vulcan can be good names too.

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