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    This is my First blog, so here goes...

    Have you ever wondered what guilds other than Fairy Tail are like? Have you ever wanted to get to know members of other guilds, (Other than the people who participated in the Grand Magic Games)? Well you're out of luck, I got nothing, but it still is fun to think about it. And not to mention there are a few members here and there that are known, even despite not having a picture of them or anything like that.

    We do know that there are a few other members thanks to the Sorcerer Magazine's list of Who you want to have as a Boy/Girlfriend. We have Riko Applico and DeZille Horae, from Blue Pegasus, we have Guy Aleus from Quatro Cerberus, Nalshe Mikagura from Titan Nose, Mace Orlando from Phoenix Grave, Reis…

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