I'm now trying to get into story writing, this is what I really want to do with this pathetic life of mine. Yesterday, I formulated a plot on what the story would be like. I want anyone's thoughts of what you think with this kind of story..

"I can't think of a good title"

Plot :

Years ago, when witchcraft, alchemy and magic was widely spread around the world, there were five brave warriors who freed the world from an evil army that was conquering every nations. Four of these five warriors are said to be descendants of the "Four Beasts Gods". The other warrior is the youngest among the five and is known as "The Golden Dragon ", he gained immortality after the great battle that killed his comrades, the immortality that even he, doesn't know how he attained.

200 years passed and the Golden Dragon, now with the physical appearance of an old man and losing much of his power, senses another great threat to the world. He knows that he cannot solve this alone, and now he is in search for the descendants of his former comrades to aid him in the upcoming conquest. Will the new generation of the four beast gods' descendants accept this invitation?

Other Stuffs:

  • The old generation of descendants uses the soul of the Four Beasts as their weapons. (The same weapons that the new generation will be using.)
  • The four beasts are named Byakko, Seiryu, Genbu and Suzaku.
  • There are four emblems in the Golden Dragon's possession that will be used to activate the power of the Four Beasts.
  • Final enemies would be based on the Seven Sins

I usually have grammar failures so if you notice one, please correct me.

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