As of Chapter 334, 19 Celestial Spirits have been summoned using their keys. Taking into account that there are 88 officially recognized constellations (referenced in the chant for Uranometria), then there are at least 69 keys and types of spirit left unsummoned (a few of which have been seen during the party in the Celestial Spirit World).

My question is this:

What thoughts do you have about what the remaining Celestial Spirits might be like, in terms of form, personalities, abilities, uses etc?

The 69 other constellations (Source: Wikipedia):

  1. Andromeda (Andromeda)
  2. Antlia (Pump, Air Pump)
  3. Apus (Bird-of-paradise)
  4. Aquila (Eagle)
  5. Ara (Altar)
  6. Auriga (Charioteer)
  7. Boötes (Herdsman)
  8. Camelopardalis (Giraffe)
  9. Canes Venatici (Hunting Dogs)
  10. Canis Major (Greater Dog)
  11. Carina (Keel)
  12. Cassiopeia (Cassiopeia)
  13. Centaurus (Centaur)
  14. Cepheus (Cepheus)
  15. Cetus (Sea Monster, Whale)
  16. Chamaeleon (Chameleon)
  17. Circinus (Compass (Drawing))
  18. Columba (Dove)
  19. Coma Berenices (Berenice's hair)
  20. Corona Australis (Southern Crown)
  21. Corona Borealis (Northern Crown)
  22. Corvus (Crow)
  23. Crater (Cup)
  24. Cygnus (Swan)
  25. Delphinus (Dolphin)
  26. Dorado (Goldfish)
  27. Draco (Dragon)
  28. Equuleus (Pony)
  29. Eridanus (River Eridanus)
  30. Fornax (Furnace)
  31. Grus (Crane)
  32. Hercules (Hercules)
  33. Hydra (Hydra)
  34. Hydrus (Lesser Water Snake)
  35. Indus (Indian)
  36. Lacerta (Lizard)
  37. Leo Minor (Lesser Lion)
  38. Lepus (Hare)
  39. Lupus (Wolf)
  40. Lynx (Lynx)
  41. Mensa (Table, Table Mountain)
  42. Microscopium (Microscope)
  43. Monoceros (Unicorn)
  44. Musca (Fly)
  45. Norma (Normal, Carpenter's Level)
  46. Octans (Octant)
  47. Orion (Orion)
  48. Pavo (Peacock)
  49. Pegasus (Pegasus)
  50. Perseus (Perseus)
  51. Phoenix (Phoenix)
  52. Pictor (Easel)
  53. Piscis Austrinus (Southern Fish)
  54. Puppis (Stern Decks)
  55. Reticulum (Reticle)
  56. Sagitta (Arrow)
  57. Sculptor (Sculptor)
  58. Scutum (Shield)
  59. Serpens (Snake)
  60. Sextans (Sextant)
  61. Telescopium (Telescope)
  62. Triangulum (Triangle)
  63. Triangulum Australe (Southern Triangle)
  64. Tucana (Toucan)
  65. Ursa Major (Greater Bear)
  66. Ursa Minor (Lesser Bear)
  67. Vela (Sails)
  68. Volans (Flying Fish)
  69. Vulpecula (Fox)

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