It has been shown that under certain circumstances, Dragon Slayers can absorb an element other than their own and use it in a Dual-Element Mode. At the time of writing, there have been three cases - Laxus giving his power to Natsu, Gajeel eating Rogue's shadows and Future Rogue stealing Sting's power. In all three cases, the additional element has come from another Dragon Slayer - a draconic origin. It is well known that Dragon Slayer Magic involves taking on the power of a dragon to defeat one, so this process can likely be used against Dragons as well.

Before becoming a Dragon (whether it required Zeref's help or not), Acnologia fought and killed many dragons, bathing in their blood and growing immensely strong. As he was doing so, perhaps he too assimilated the elements of other dragons.

If he did, there are few things to perhaps consider:

  • Considering how many dragons he slew, just how many elements did he up assimilating?
    • How likely is it that he absorbed so many that the mix of elements reached a composition comparable to that of Etherion?
    • What is left that he hasn't absorbed?
  • Did it contribute in any way to his fate?

What do you reckon?

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