In adaptations of various works, there are many cases where certain aspects that were present in the original work have been left out of the adaptation for some reason (time, space, flow). The effects of these changes vary depending on the circumstances involved. Sometimes leaving some things out is unavoidable, unfortunately.

My question is this:

If there was an adaptation of Fairy Tail (such as a video game or book), and due to certain circumstances (such as a lack of time or space, or to improve flow), something (e.g. elements such as characters, techniques, story events, stages etc, other than the vital core elements, e.g. central protagonists, underlying themes) had to be left out, what would you not mind being sacrificed, if anything, and why?

Note: I'm not entirely sure how to put this...I get the feeling this might be a bit problematic, so could those be avoided or at least kept to a minimum, please?

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